Mule Deer

Guided Trophy Mule Deer Hunt in Mexico

Avid hunters dream of pursuing a trophy mule deer in Sonora, Mexico – this is because, in Sonora, you’ll find some of the biggest and most impressive mule deer racks in the West. The unique and widely untouched desert terrain of Sonora is the perfect place for the mule deer to thrive.

Due to the warmer climate, virtually no predation, and very limited hunting pressure, these mule deer live longer and thus, grow larger than those found in the Rocky Mountains; their racks are heavier and wider. On average our hunters can expect to see 170-190+ inch bucks while on their hunt in Sonora. The possibility of harvesting one of these spectacular giants only adds to the thrill of the chase.

Harvesting one of these magnificent creatures won’t just happen, however. Successful hunts require patience and determination. Using various methods such as spot-and-stalk, high-racking, tracking, and calling, our hunters, along with their expert hunting guides, navigate the Sonoran desert in search of their ideal trophy.

Our bilingual hunting guides have years of experience traversing the Sonoran wilderness and hunting down wild game – increasing the chances that your trophy mule deer dreams become reality.

All of our hunts are booked with guaranteed tags – that means, unlike in most parts of the U.S, you don’t have to draw a hunting tag in order to get a permit to hunt. Once you book, you’ll be guaranteed a tag. These hunts can take place during the prime rut, increasing your odds of bringing home a monster muley.

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  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Lodging & Meals
  • Licenses
  • Wildlife certificate
  • Professional guide
  • Trophies skinned & salted
  • MX Hunting Company HornSonora, Mexico
  • Turkey HuntTrip Duration: 6 Days
  • MX Hunting Company HornSeason: Nov 2023 - Feb 2024



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